by Free Advice

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released November 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Free Advice Brooklyn, New York

Free Advice is a vocally driven group whose original songs are centered around a familiar but uncommon voice - an honest tone that comes from their decade of collaboration.

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Track Name: The Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania
The rolling hills of Pennsylvania
A land that stretches far as I can see
Infinity of blue, and of green

Wake me, before we reach Ohio
Get me up and get me on my feet
Maybe there's some coffee we can drink

Somehow, you know I cannot forget you
Now these roots are fastened to the ground
Something like a home here has been found

Silent, the land it has two faces
One is young the others always been
Windows keep the rain from coming in

Guide me, ever onward
Safely homeward, for this I travel
Track Name: Sleepless Nights
In many sleepless nights I told you of
letters I wrote, but never sent to you
I already know one thing, I knows not a lie

There's a girl in a room, not to far from the city
She writes out this message which is soft but sincere

If you don't want to move to the city
then stay where you are
You'll be happy someday you will see
Maybe you'll marry and forget the letters you promised to write
that's okay, I won't change you will see

In the tunnel from New Jersey
there's a letter that you sent to me
but I won't believe the words till they hit my eyes

What now does remain
through the time and the strain?
Your image it vanishes page by page

If you don't want to move to the city...

I know you on the page, like you know me in this song and I think its all wrong.
Track Name: VOTP
Nighttime it lingers on an overcast day
I'm up a little later just in time to hear you pray
You say: Please don't lock the door when you go
I hate it when you leave me alone
Moonlight is tellin' me to just take my time
Get to floating outside and maybe clear up your mind
The cats in the garden all sleep
Pictures of the morning they keep in their heads while they doze

And the voice on the phone says hold on please hold on
I'm on my way home, but you're already gone
aren't you, aren't you?

My shirt sleeves are dripping now from washing your clothes
I nicked my knuckle on your zipper
and now its all turning rose
I soak in the tub with some bleach
It stings because you're still out of reach

And my voice on the phone says hold on please hold on
I'm on my way home, but you're already gone
aren't you, aren't you?

I wonder whether it'll ever measure all the miles, years ,winter's snow
Travel farther under mountains over hills alone
Alone, alone, alone

And the flicker in your eye says hold on please hold on
But you're bleeding my dry and I'm already gone
Now you, now you
Track Name: Watch Out
Watch out the world is coming
Watch out the world's coming soon
Mama says alright in the morning
Its alright in the evening
Tell her that I'm coming home

I'm coming ho-me